Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Problems with Small Maps

 Perhaps these nmight be better described as building plans or blueprints, part 1 of the writing task in the academic task will often assign graphics showing a relatively small area and how it changes over time. This presents some specific challenges.

Monday, March 22, 2021

From Myanmar, A Line Graph Lesson


Hi. Brother Joko here, the founder of IELTS Temple and a long-time (7 years) resident of Myanmar. If any of the followers of this site/page/YouTube channel were wondering how I'm doing in the aftermath of the political turmoil here - let me say that I'm doing fine. 

Worried? Yes, of course. This becomes more and more pointed not only with the worsening of the crisis here, but also as I become one of the fewer and fewer foreign nationals who remain in the country. Everyone's fleeing. 

What's next?  

How about what we do best at IELTS temple: an instructional video featuring feedback for one unsuspecting member of the IELTS Tips and Tricks group on Facebook. 

Help is needed. 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

An New Branch of IELTS Temple has Opened!

As I put the final touches on the first webpage I had built for my own purposes since the late 90's, I asked myself the question - isn't this going to make it even more work to spread your teaching over a wider audience? Right now, there's my You Tube page, the Facebook Page and this here on Blogger.  Both Blogger and YouTube are owned by Google, so they interact well.

Now, Google has it's a sites space (I guess it's existed for some 5+ years actually) and we can now build our own websites, limited by the helpful site builder.

Here's a lesson on vocabulary->  

Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Circle of IELTS - So long, Ali!

(why the guy fowkes mask?)

I feel a bit anxious today, as well as fortunate. One of "my students" is taking his IELTS exam here on 4 January (sometimes that means all 4 parts, but usually speaking is done separately). It was just by coincidence and his diligence in putting his essays where I will see them, but I ended up reviewing 3 or 4 of his Task 2 essays. Consequently, I feel like I have some stake in his

Four of the most common problems you're facing in your writing can be fixed.

This recent review garnered a lot of attention because the essayist exhibited symptoms of all of the most common weaknesses IELTS writers face on the whole. I put those in the thumbnail. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Southeast Asians Can Suffer from Synonymania Too!

Synonymania : A vocabulary condition that strikes many IELTS candidates. 

Symptoms: In the writing task, the victim will consistently try to use less common words over everyday

Apples are Red. Similarly, Spaghetti is Pasta.

Wait? What?

In the last blog, we looked at a candidate who was right on the verge of being where he needed to be, but carelessness like using "for example" with unrelated examples was still plaguing him. He gets yet another look in this video.

Monday, December 16, 2019

A Great Example of an Unrelated Example

This response to an essay posted on IELTS Tips and Tricks here on Facebook is a classic example of some of those last hurdles students need to get over to get a high overall band score.

Be careful with mixing in hedging (which is generally a good thing to do) alongside very strong declarative statements.  See this essay's introduction as an example.